Thank you for sharing the gospel. We want to hear more about you!

Grace Baptist Church desires more than a mere financial relationship with its supported mission works. It is our desire to partner with others in the proclamation of the Gospel to every “kindred, and tongue, and people, and nation.” Therefore, the selection process for mission works is more relational than informational. For example, while certain doctrinal criteria are necessary and the presentation of the mission burden may be helpful, the determination to support a missionary is often determined by interaction with the Pastor/Church in settings outside the worship services of the church. As the Pastor follows a ministry over time, engages in conversation with the missionary regarding the work, and develops a burden for that work, the missionary is considered for financial support. It is important for the potential missions candidate to understand, that the submission of information is not a request for an opportunity to present one’s ministry but rather an opportunity for us to learn more about your ministry. 

Accordingly, we welcome your information because this is how we get to know you!

Please know that: 

  • We do not require periodic informational checklists of our missionaries. This initial information request is only a means to facilitate our learning more about your ministry. 
  • We recognize the answers to some of the questions below do not necessarily reflect upon your ministry. Rather it allows us to gather data about current trends in missions and thereby better understand the current state of missions. 
  • You can upload documents (e.g. prayer card, biographical information, etc.) at the end of the form, if you so desire (although not required)
  • We are aware that your time is valuable and we greatly appreciate your completing this form. 

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