Watch Service Live

We are pleased to be able to provide a live stream to our service every Sunday morning. Tune in to Grace Baptist Church LIVE Sunday at 10:30 a.m. CLICK BELOW to stream live or watch sermon archives. 

Gleanings of Grace​

Gleanings of Grace is a podcast and radio program by Grace Baptist Church and Pastor Jeff Kelley. Gleanings of Grace, a ministry of Grace Baptist Church in Liberty, South Carolina, is a weekly podcast featuring an encouraging song and a message from the Word of God. You can find more information or listen online using the link below.

Hear Us On The Radio

Pastor Jeff Kelley partners with several radio stations to provide a radio ministry, providing audio of serves in areas of need. Grace Baptist Church can be heard each Sunday on the following radio programs: KPGT 89.1 FM Watertown, SD 9/8 Central (AM), WTBI 915 FM Greenville, SC 7:00 AM, WWOS 810 AM Walterboro, SC 8:30 AM, WWOS 91.9 FM St. George, SC 8:30 AM and WPOG 710 AM St Matthews, SC 8:30 AM.