The Bible and Literature Missionary Foundation

The Bible and Literature Missionary Foundation began on September the 21, 1968, as a group of pastors and preachers gathered around a small 1250 Multi-lith press to ask for God’s blessing and direction on their efforts to print His Word. Among those present were Bob Lemmon, Pastor of the Hemphill Baptist Temple, Bobby Lemmon, his Assistant Pastor and printer, and Don Fraser, founder of Bearing Precious Seed. To their knowledge, this was the very first time that any one church or group of churches had ever come together and joined hands for the purpose of printing the Bible. Subsequently, Pastor Lemmon would resign his church to raise funds for the ministry, which he did until his death in 2007. Bobby Lemmon, Jr. became Director of the ministry, and continues to work in the print shop and present the ministry in churches. Today, along with several other representatives, a third generation Lemmon family – Shannon, Tiffany and children – travel the country raising funds and presenting the ministry of Bible publishing. In 2014, the Lord allowed the ministry to acquire a 32,850 sq. ft. building originally designed to be a horse training facility. Today the building housing the presses and related equipment and is affectionately referred to as the Bible Barn. More information about the ministry can be found at